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Our Mission

To bring treatments to market faster through smarter, safer, true-to-life clinical trials.


Professor Martin Gibson

This is not about Big Data, this is about understanding the way patients interact with medications in their everyday lives. Our unique technology supports understanding of NHS data to bring the right drugs to market quicker, whilst providing timely and accurate information on safety and cost for payers and patients alike.

Professor Martin Gibson - Chief Medical Officer - NWEH

The Future

We are continually expanding our data footprint throughout the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. We use existing electronic health records (EHRs) to create value and patient outcome evidence in a real world setting. Working with NWEH will help you to accurately gauge the success of clinical studies from the first stage of protocol design. You will have access to business intelligence that will help you recruit to time and target with confidence. Working with us you will be a part of the delivery of a much needed paradigm shift to randomised clinical trials (RCTs) that are bringing clinical trials into the 21st century.