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True-to-life clinical trials

NWEHs Decentralised Clinical Trials platforms allow access to millions of EHRs while enabling real time patient monitoring and continuous data collection with our validated EDC.

Sponsors can track trial progress, identify trends and safety signals as they emerge, responding with swift intervention and decision-making to enhance patient safety.

Our solutions provide data to support market authorisation and beyond into healthcare implementation, supporting the timely uptake of new products for the benefit of patients and payers alike.

About NWEH

We provide the pharmaceutical industry with a holistic approach to clinical trial design and delivery to bring treatments to market faster, through smarter, safer true-to-life clinical trials. With our proprietary technology, we enable novel drugs to reach the people who need them faster by safely accelerating drug development programs. Our transformative technologies, FARSITE and ConneXon, help you to Discover More and Deliver Better, more cost-effective clinical trials, from feasibility studies to full clinical trial management and delivery.  

Who we work with

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