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A new and innovative approach to monitoring, detecting, and reporting of adverse events in clinical trials

ConneXon is a secure, validated, and modular system designed to accelerate end-to-end clinical processes, improve trial efficiency and patient safety.

Real-time monitoring

At NWEH, we offer a real-time monitoring system called ConneXon-Activity Summary for detecting significant events during clinical trials, such as serious adverse events (SAEs), study endpoints, protocol deviations, and screening results.

Safety Alerting & Reporting

This system generates safety alerts based on data extracts from patients' electronic health records (EHRs) and prompts a clinical review by the investigator or study team.

 Our experience with EHR-enabled clinical trials allows us to provide tools for near real-time safety monitoring and reporting, allowing more accurate and comprehensive safety data collection. This innovative method establishes a "new gold standard" in safety reporting for clinical trials, while maintaining patient safety and regulatory compliance.

ConneXon allows for close monitoring of patients without intervention, supporting "real world" and pragmatic trial methodology and enabling the identification of safety signals faster than in a typical randomized controlled trial (RCT). This technology is not only safer for trial participants, but it is also proven to be a more accurate method for adverse event (AE) detection.

Using real-world data sources for safety monitoring, such as EHRs, allows for active surveillance during clinical trials and the integration of multiple healthcare data sources. This robust and proven method enables the enrolment of higher risk patient cohorts in trials, promoting inclusivity and diversity.


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