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Salford Lung Study

The SLS was the first of its kind: a pioneering, real-world trial designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a pre-licence medication using electronic health records (EHRs) and a broad spectrum of patients enrolled through their GPs and pharmacists in the UK.

More than 7000 patients with asthma or COPD were recruited to the SLS using the NWEH FARSITE tool.  

NWEH’s electronic data capture (EDC) system, the Linked Database System, a forerunner of the NWEH ConneXon platform, was also used to provide patient safety data in near-real time. This was an invaluable asset in this trial design that facilitated a highly monitored and extremely safe study in everyday practice conditions with a wide patient demographic. 

Advantages of the study, such as the potential to assess real-world treatment compliance and learnings to support future trial models, are discussed alongside NWEH’s contributions and what the success of SLS means for the real-world studies of tomorrow.

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