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ID-Liver Case Study

Liver disease is a silent killer and there is currently no single diagnostic test that can identify when the disease begins to develop. If caught early enough and with lifestyle modifications, it can be possible to reverse liver-related health problems. Therefore, more accurate assessment and timely diagnosis is needed. 

The Integrated Diagnostics for Early Diagnosis of Liver Disease (ID LIVER) study was set up to identify patients with early-stage liver disease and those at risk of progressive life-threatening liver disease, including liver cancer.

FARSITE allowed the ID-LIVER study team to identify patients across GP practices with specific risk factors, using currently available technologies and novel biomarkers to identify patients that have the potential to develop liver disease. 

Using FARSITE ensured only patients that were appropriate were seen by the study team and even gave them the flexibility to change some of their inclusion and exclusion criteria giving a high level of control over who was recruited. 

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