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TechBio – a new normal in life sciences?

As organisations across the spectrum of TechBio, including NWEH, continue to develop novel ways to use data and technology in life sciences, the industry can expect to see even more innovations and improvements in the future. Whether through systems that enable more streamlined workflows, tools that power new discoveries, or initiatives that involve more diverse populations in the clinical research process, collaboration will be key to unlocking the next generation of technologies that bring more effective treatments to the right patients, faster.

Combining technology and biology, TechBio harnesses technological advancements to drive biological discoveries, improve healthcare outcomes, and address societal challenges related to biology and human health.

CEO Dr Jonathan Wogel said “It references the ways biotech, medical devices, and pharma mix together, particularly around using AI and technology to generate faster and better data in the interest of better personal health."

In the context of clinical trials, TechBio refers to the application of technology and data-driven approaches to enhance and streamline various aspects of the clinical trial process. It aims to improve efficiency, accuracy, patient recruitment, data collection, and analysis in clinical research.

Dr Wogel said "The key points of the argument for clinical trial reform are widely known in the life science industry: they’re too expensive, too time consuming, and not diverse enough to represent real-world populations. By utilising TechBio techniques in clinical studies – such as with decentralised trials, which use data to identify the right patients for trials then enable remote participation through technology – trial sponsors can make studies more efficient, effective, and convenient for patients."

At NWEH, we're continuing to develop a TechBio solution to the clinical trials problem: a clinical trials delivery software platform that facilitates the use of healthcare data in decentralised trial design.

Our platform named FARSITE leverages large healthcare datasets to accelerate patient recruitment in clinical trials. Rather than being restricted to patients who live locally to trial sites, researchers can analyse data to identify patients for their studies across wide geographies and from demographically representative populations.

The process of recruiting patients with data is also faster than the traditional model. Dr Wogel said “Using our technology we can model feasibility – which used to take weeks and months – in just minutes and hours, then understand the best ways to design clinical trials and recruit the right patients."

Read the full white paper report - The rise of TechBio: Powering life science innovation.

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