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NWEH - Gold Sponsor at Global Clinical Trials Connect 2024

NWEH are thrilled to participate in Global Clinical Trials Connect 2024. GCTC provides a platform for discussion on the futuristic advancements in clinical trials and clinical research. With focus on the global health and clinical trials around the world provides insight into bioethics, regulations, patient recruitment, site selection, real-world data, data integration and strategy amongst other significant topics that play a key role in clinical trials.

Professor Martin Gibson will present our recent White Paper - Advancing Patient Safety Through Inclusive Clinical Trials: Harnessing Real-World Data Directly from Source. With inclusivity becoming an increasingly important factor in clinical trials its important industry have the tools to help increase underrepresented groups in clinical trials, while safeguarding their wellbeing.

We’re also launching ConneXons new SAEfe system feature, which now gives researchers a unique end-to-end safety monitoring and reporting system that can provide up to 70% saving in the costs associated with SAE reporting. SAEfe seamlessly populates SAE reports with data directly from the participant’s EHR record. Additional relevant medical conditions and other pertinent information can be easily selected using the SAEfe system and added to the SAE report. This new streamlined functionality not only saves time and costs it also reduces transcription errors, enabling researchers to focus on the wellbeing of participants.

For more information on SAEfe complete the contact form below. 



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