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NWEH attend The Great Northern

In a bid to showcase the brilliant commercial research that is happening in the north of England and demonstrate what the area has to offer to the life sciences and medical technology industries, NIHR hosted The Great Northern Research Conference 2023 in the Concorde Conference Centre, Manchester.

The event welcomed renowned experts and leaders from the healthcare and research industry, offering insights to foster collaborative discussions to push the boundaries of innovation in clinical research. NWEH, recognised for its trailblazing in accelerating clinical trials, where FARSITE found resonance with the ethos of the Concorde—a symbol of unparalleled speed and precision.

CEO Jonathan Wogel said “the exchange of knowledge and ideas at the conference is invaluable and provides even more evidence that the North of England is steadily emerging as a thriving hub for clinical trials”. As the north of England becomes a magnet for clinical research, offering a unique blend of academic excellence, industry expertise, along with a diverse population, cities like Manchester stand as a beacon for innovation in clinical trials, continually pushing the boundaries of medical research and fostering a brighter, healthier future for all.

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