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NorthWest EHealth Empowering Inspiring Women

At NWEH we are celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) by acknowledging our 50/50 split team of inspiring men and women who are all working together to drive change within the work place for future generations.

According to the World Economic Forum, the gender gap won't close until 2186.  According to a 2017 report by the World Economic Forum, it could still take another 100 years before the global equality gap between men and women disappears entirely.

Having so many women in leadership roles is down to the empowerment from the senior management team that women should be ambitious and enabled to achieve their goals. We mentor and develop our leads and we are proud that more than half of our team leads are women.

NWEH have taken away the traditional institutional barriers that promote people in your typical gender stereotyped roles. We enable staff development and movement across and upwards within the organisation, advancing careers and supporting individuals to realise their ambitions.

“At NWEH we foster an open and collaborative environment that values all the talents and experience, people don’t necessary work best in a 9-5 environment and flexibility is key top productivity and creativity. Our new office space has enabled us to foster our values of openness and transparency, NWEH is truly one big team and I’m immensely proud to work here”

Marie Kane, Chief Operating Officer

To celebrate we wanted to showcase 2 of our finest female leaders in NWEH Claire and Lucy.

Claire Williams, Clinical Safety and Quality Manager

What brought you to NWEH? During my time working on the Salford lung Study I developed my passion for real time safety reporting tool that we developed as an enhancement for clinical trials. With my background in Pharmacovigilance and Safety my skills really complimented the development of the system, which is now in use on a number of clinical trials.

At the end of the SLS there really was only one job that I wanted and that was to work for NWEH and develop the system further and set a new gold standard for safety reporting in clinical trials.

What has been your biggest achievement to date? Black belt in karate, climbing Mt Kenya.

How does working at NWEH enable you to realise your ambitions? My goal is to continue setting the gold standard for safety reporting globally.  The company is set up to allow you to voice ideas and develop them with the different teams. The culture of innovation encourages me to speak out and propose ideas and solutions, without a fear of failure or criticism.

NWEH also have a very flexible approach to office hours that enables me to fit work around childcare, balance working life with every day priorities.  This balance is key to helping me achieve my goal of making a difference by driving change in the way that we do clinical trials and keeping patients safer.


Lucy Bridges, Software Team Leader

What brought you to NWEH? I have worked at NWEH since its inception 8 years ago. I started at the University of Manchester and transferred over to NWEH when it was initially set up as University project.

I’ve always wanted to do software development and to work on something that makes a difference to people. I'm really please that my job allows me to use technology to impact healthcare in a positive way.

What is your biggest achievement at NWEH to date? Growing the software team; developing a great team of enthusiastic, talented people who work together to develop innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

What motivates you? I like working with technology. I enjoy finding simple, elegant solutions to difficult problems and bringing a team together to deliver them.

Working at NWEH has given me the opportunity to grow from writing code to leading a team.

At NWEH I have exposure to lots of different technologies, giving me opportunities to solve varied problems. Every day is a little bit different. The organisation helps me to understand how to use the latest technologies to enable us to work more flexibly and to support the individual needs of my team.


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