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NorthWest EHealth’s – ABPI and pharma workshop

On Friday the 24th February, NorthWest EHealth (NWEH) facilitated a workshop in conjunction with the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) following their signing of the GM Pharma Memorandum of Understanding.

Alongside key stakeholders from the field of Greater Manchester Health and Social care stood a number of prominent Research & Development figures from a number of global pharmaceutical giants.  The session on Friday looked at Greater Manchester’s Research and development capabilities, with a focus on how NWEH data platform technology can assist the new partnership between the pharma industry and Greater Manchester to help to improve the value from the city’s devolved health and social care budget with particular interest in improving the value of the drug budget.

Our data platform technology would empower the goal of paying for drugs according to the outcomes and has already been proven a success following the GSK study in which NWEH technology was used to demonstrate the value of the drug by using “real time” data and safety reporting on how patients responded to the drug.

Manchester officials also hope that by using data on patient outcomes, they can pinpoint individuals for whom drugs are working and separate them from other patients to whom the same drug may be ineffective or harmful.

Attendees from Friday’s session were vocal about their belief that the seamless patient records in the UK combined with the infrastructure in place in Manchester, defines Manchester as the perfect location to become a hub for Electronic Health Record ‘Real world’ clinical trials.

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