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International Clinical Trials Day 2015

Today is International Clinical Trials Day 2015, commemorating the start of the famous scurvy trial run by James Lind.

Each year the healthcare and research community comes together to raise awareness of the importance of clinical trials, to highlight great work and collaboration, and to encourage patients that it’s ‘OK to ask’ to be involved in trials.

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), hospitals, trial facilitators and participants are sharing their stories today. Many local organisations are running engagement events, games and activities; you can see more on the hashtag #ICTD2015.

NorthWest EHealth is committed to supporting clinical trials through improved feasibility, recruitment and analytic; today we are at the Health 2.0 conference in Barcelona, running live demonstrations of what our technology can do (follow us on Twitter for updates! @NWEHealth).

You can find more information on our tools FARSITE and LDS by clicking 'Products' or by having a look at our latest videos, and if you have any questions about setting up a new trial we’d be happy to help.

Happy International Clinical Trials Day!

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