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NWEH recognised as a leading women-powered business 2023

NWEH are incredibly proud to make the J.P. Morgan, Top 200 Women Powered Businesses list 2023. The report spotlights not just women-founded businesses in the United Kingdom, but also those that are led by women, have a management team of at least 50% women, or are majority owned by women. In addition, it outlines the increasing presence of women-powered businesses across the top emerging sectors as well as the regional hotspots.

The report identified a total of 13,255 businesses throughout the United Kingdom that are founded, led, owned or managed by women. Outside of London, the North West is listed as the second highest for the total population of women-powered businesses, with a total of 1027 identified in the region.

CEO Jonathan Wogel said “This is fantastic news, we’re proud to have made the list and recognise the incredible contribution women have made to the rapid growth of NWEH over the past decade. It’s interesting to see also the proportion of women-powered businesses here in the Northwest. Being based in Manchester, using home grown technology to transform the clinical trial space, NWEH have a lot to be proud of.”

One of the sectors with the highest number of active women-powered businesses listed is internet platforms and SaaS businesses with emerging sectors such as eHealth, AI and wearables all showing rapid growth under the leadership of women. Not only does this show the importance of women in enterprise but also the changing broader trends within the high-growth ecosystem to a more digitised environment, especially in healthcare.

Head of Data Science and Analytics, Sylwia Migas said “Here at NWEH, we are proud of our expanded talent pool that promotes economic empowerment and gender equality. Generally, women are still underrepresented in technical roles, which means valuable skills and perspectives often go underutilised. By actively promoting diversity and inclusion, the industry can attract and retain more talented individuals, fostering a competitive advantage and driving overall growth and innovation. Embracing and supporting women in technology careers is not only fair and equitable but also essential for the industry's continued growth and success."

Head of Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Services, Claire Williams said ‘At NWEH, woman have been making significant strides in the development of ground-breaking proprietary software. This achievement serves as a powerful example of how women have shown immense talent and leadership in propelling the industry forward and pushing the boundaries of the clinical trials landscape."

Developer Team Manager, Kimberly Stevens concludes “We take great pride in our accomplishments and remain committed to driving innovation and positive change in healthcare. This recognition from JP Morgan underscores the impact and value of women-powered businesses, and we are honoured to be a part of this influential group”.

Read the full J.P. Morgan report

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